"The Dad Book": Parchment man ready for 50 Dad/50 State Road Trip

"The Dad Book": Parchment man ready for 50 Dad/50 State Road Trip. (WWMT/Andy Pepper)

Parchment native and WMU Grad Nate Timmons will spend the next 9 months travelling across the country in his bid to create "an unparalleled book on how to be an influential father".

Timmons is planning on interviewing 50 Dad's in 50 States, with about 25 of those Dad's already lined up, including a pro surfer in Hawaii, a mechanic in South Carolina, and a baseball pitcher in Texas.

The WMU graduate will also talk to a man in Nebraska who has spent time in the prison system and is "re-learning how to be a father" and a Florida Dad who has battled addiction.

Timmons says he realized the impact his own father Tony has had in his life, and that he wants to "create something a father can give his child, a book full of life lessons to help Dad's across the spectrum".

Timmons will be travelling in a remodeled 1985 Volkswagon Vanagon. He plans on supplementing his travel budget by selling his baseball card collection, and - if needed - picking up part-time jobs while on the road.

You can follow Nate on his web page .

Timmons also has a GoFundMe page.

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