Athlete of the Week: Trent Henry

Athlete of the Week: Trent Henry. (WWMT / Mike McCann)

A Marcellus senior defying the odds for the Wildcats baseball team and inspiring others in the process.

Trent Henry is striking out both batters and adversity. He is hitting over .300 this season, and, as a pitcher, has an ERA of less than 3.5. Those are above average numbers for any high school player, but the stats only tell half the story.

Henry has had no use of his left arm since suffering a stroke as a baby

He said, "I've dealt with it my whole life. I know nothing different. Maybe if I had a stroke when I was five, yeah, I'd just give up, but I don't know anything different. I haven't had use of my left arm for 18 years. One day I'm not just going to wake up and it's going to work, so you've just got to go with the flow and live with it."

Living with it is one thing. Succeeding on the baseball field is another, but that's what Henry has done to the tune of a 3.43 ERA, and a .314 batting average.

"Pitching, I get set. I have my glove in my left arm pit. I throw the pitch and I get ready immediately. And if it’s a hot shot right back at me I just barehand it. I'm pretty good with my hands that way and then I just toss it over to first. Batting, you know, I can get a hold of the ball just as well as anybody on the team, so that's not really hard."

Marcellus coach Chris Hutson, who also happens to be Henry's cousin, says it’s the senior’s mindset that fosters those results.

"He's always positive, you know 'next play.' if something happens, he doesn't get down on himself, it's just 'next play.’”

That positive attitude comes from perspective beyond his years, something that Henry takes with him every time he steps on the field.

Henry said, "Could have it so much worse."

Henry, whose twin brother also plays for the Wildcats, cites Jim Abbott, the legendary MLB pitcher and University of Michigan alum with one hand, as a major influence on how he plays.

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