Athlete of the Week: Nathan Vickery

Athlete of the Week: Nathan Vickery

The Climax-Scotts football team is now one win away from their third straight district title with almost all the offense coming from the run-game.

Newschannel 3's Mike McCann reported on how one senior running back is pacing the Panthers,

Nathan Vickery is a force on the ground for Climax-Scotts, the senior is the centerpiece of a Panther rushing attack that's averaging 380 yards a game. Yet, it's an off-the-field transition that has helped lead to Climax-Scotts on-the-field success.

Nathan Vickery's Climax-Scotts football helmet has lots of stickers on it, which is not bad, for someone who didn't know Climax-Scotts existed five years ago, having moved from Delton in 8th grade

Vickery said, "I didn't want to leave any of my friends and I was just an ignorant kid who didn't want to leave."

As in lots of cases, hindsight is 20/20

He said, "It was a big shock especially not wanting to move but it's probably been one of the greatest changes in my life."

It's been a great change football wise, too. Vickery leads the panthers in rushing at just shy of 1100 yards and he's scored 17 touchdowns

He said, "It's all the offensive line. They have really grown and matured throughout the whole year and just being able to help them throughout the whole season has helped me also.”

Climax-Scotts Head Coach Kevin Langs said, "for our level he's got great vision his cuts, not very big, probably 150 pounds and like a lot of our other running back's he put his time in to wait for his senior year and he's done that"

Langs said he wasn't surprised at how quickly Vickery adjusted.

He said, "I think he's done a great job adjusting. I think what happens is our student body embraces people from other places"

And Vickery doesn't limit it to himself, saying the whole community is helping drive the Panthers to success

Vickery said, "Everybody is for you everybody loves you everybody except you whether you play or not everyone just wants the best for you."

Vickery and the Panthers were able to get redemption on Friday night after Climax-Scotts won the district championship against Pittsford, which was one of only two teams to beat the panthers during the regular season.

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