Athlete of the Week: Kenzy Corstange


RICHLAND, Mich (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Gull Lake senior Kenzy Corstange spikes a volleyball in a way that looks like it could make you bleed

Which aside from the pain, might be alright. Because Corstange would know how to handle it

"I work at the hospital. I'm an intern phlebotomist," Corstange said. "I love the hospital. I love the atmosphere, I love helping people. I love everything about it."

She might still be learning how to draw blood for medical purposes, but she's got that whole spike part sewn-up.

Having just capped a four year varsity career with a regional championship, the first in her four seasons.

"I''m more mentally tough," Corstange said. "I'm a better leader than I was as a freshman. And I think my skills have gotten a lot better."

The numbers tell a similar story. Corstange led the Blue Devils in Kills and Digs, which is no surprise to Blue Devils coach Eric Belz.

"Man, she has worked harder at this game than any of those," Belz said. "Because not only does she hit the crap out of the ball, but she sees the court well. She understands what to do where, and it's part of the growing experience."

And for Corstange, part of becoming a better leader on the court is taken a lesson she learned from the hosptial.

"Communication...with the patients, making sure they're comfortable and they trust me. Just like out on the court, making sure my teammates trust me."

After the season the Blue Devils had, it's easy to say that it worked.

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