Athlete of the Week: Kali Heivilin

Athlete of the Week: Kali Heivilin

A Three Rivers freshman softball star is re-writing the Wildcat record books.

Kali Heivilin has been building toward this season's success for quite some time.

Three Rivers softball standout Heivilin works and works and works some more.”

She said, “My dad really pushed me to work hard because he knew it was a sport I could perform well in."

Perform well she has, breaking the Wildcats single season home run record as a freshman with 18 and counting.

Heivilin said, “I have a lot of core strength and hip strength from Cross-Fit. I'm really confident in the plate because my teammates know I can do it and trust me."

Cross-Fit is just one aspect of Heivilin's training. She also works out with former Marshall and Notre Dame standout Evan Sharpley and coach Kendra Kutz.

Kutz said, "This girl's a workhorse. On and off the field, she's always working. It's not always softball related, but she gets out what she puts in."

Heivilin isn't immune to a slump, but she says when it happens, she gets out of it quickly.

She said, “I know I can do it. It really boosts my confidence and when I look at the numbers I can't get down on myself cause of how good a season I’m having. "

And with the Wildcats staring down the regionals on Saturday, Heivilin knows how her hard work can help lead her team to where it wants to go.

She said, "It would mean a lot. I know my team has been waiting four years to make this. It'd be history. It'd be really cool for me to be a part of it."

Heivilin's older brother Jalen is also a three-sport star for the Wildcats. Kali said that he's been incredibly supportive, but also that she sees his success and wants to surpass it, and with the numbers she's already put up, it's hard to argue.

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