Athlete of the Week: Chad McDonald

Chad McDonald juggles a puck prior to a game against Wheeling.

They say speed kills and for Kalamazoo Wings forward Chad McDonald, he was blessed with the natural speed to wreak havoc on the ice.

"I would say my speed is try to be first on pucks trying to get first early position try to get in there and allow my teammates to take the puck" McDonald said.

The 5'10 and 180-pound forward may not look intimidating, but his grittiness may surprise you.

"Yeah, smaller structure guy so it so everyone laughs when I try to finish my hits but it doesn't matter if you're 5'9 or 6'3 the game is played the same way." McDonald adds.

Head coach Nick Bootland agrees his small stature makes it important for him to be first to control the puck.

"Yeah, when he's his best he plays with speed and he's first on puck that what he has to be effective at this level he has to be willing as a smaller stature player to get to those areas and be first as possible and use his speed." Bootland said.

While he's killing penalties on the ice, his future outside of the rink may include sending people to the sin bin.

"The big picture for me is to go to law school to try to be a lawyer and eventually work in the the front office of an NHL team" McDonald said.

With a future of law school in the cards you could call the Cereal City Native, well, Battle Creek's very own Gordon Bombay. Rather than spending time winning in a court room he wants to use a law degree to wear a suit and tie in the GM suits.

"I'm not as much of a try and win in the court room as Gordon Bombay, I'm trying to be in the front office and help there because you know it's a hard business to get into, whether it's coaching or whether it be the front office and I've done my research and know a lot of the GM's out there and there are a lot of scouts having to pay their dues and they're lawyers it just gives you something in your back pocket you can differentiate yourself from everyone else with." McDonald explains.

McDonald has already been accepted to Michigan State University to continue his pursuit of a law degree after his career on the ice comes to an end.

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