Athlete of the Week: Brenden Lovell

Athlete of the Week: Brenden Lovell.

VICKSBURG, Mich. (NEWSCHANNLEL 3) - A Vicksburg baseball superstar is shining brightly both on the field and in the classroom.

Brenden Lovell was the quarterback for the Bulldogs football team in the fall and is now putting that big right arm to good use as a pitcher for Vicksburg's district champion baseball team.

While Lovell doesn't exactly have a lot of free time on his hands, Mike McCann reports the senior has certainly made it a point to excel in the classroom, as well.

Lovell displays a supreme amount of focus on the mound and it's the same focus that's led to the Vicksburg senior's success in the classroom.

Lovell said, "I know how to manage my time i guess. A lot of baseball is in the winter, in the offseason when no one is watching. You've got to put in the work, like school when you've got to do your homework to get good grades. Just like you're doing your homework, in the offseason you've got to work on baseball."

That work on baseball has led Lovell to a partial athletic scholarship from Western Michigan University, where he will play next year for the Broncos.

Lovell's resume off the field is just as impressive and he has earned three different academic scholarships.

Lovell said, "School's very important and that comes from my parents at a very young age. School's number one, sports come second. Get your school work done, go to practice."

While school comes first, Lovell has that athlete part down pat.

The Bulldog right-hander has already set a new school record in wins, and is keen on improving that total as Vicksburg plays in the regional over the weekend.

He said, "Every pitch is huge. I actually watched a video on twitter before the season where the guy was saying every pitch is just as important as the past one and the future one."

Couple the talent on the field with the work ethic in the classroom, and it's easy to see why Vicksburg Coach Brian Deal speaks so highly of his superstar.

Deal said "he's the complete package as far as a kid. He's every kid that a parent wants to have. He's a tremendous athlete, and a tremendous person as well. He's a leader in the school, and kids look up to him."

And with accolades like scholarships coming his way, Lovell says it makes everything worth it.

"It shows that hard works paid off I guess. Hard work in the classroom has led to success in different areas other than sports."

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