Home explodes after car crashes into it; and it's all caught on a police officer's camera

As a police officer approached a car crash scene, the house the vehicle crashed into exploded, and it was caught on the officer's body camera. (WWMT/CBS)

Seven people escaped serious harm when a house exploded in South Hurst, Texas.

Captured on a police officer's camera, the explosion occurred after a car plowed into the corner of the house and ruptured a gas line.

The driver, two responding officers and three people inside the home suffered injuries.

One of the officers and all three people inside the home -- a mother, father and son -- all were taken to area hospitals. The injuries to the officers were reported to be minor. The conditions on the family members is unknown.

The driver of the car was not seriously hurt but was arrested for not having a valid driver’s license, said a spokesperson for the city of South Hurst.

The crash and explosion happened April 7, 2018. A spokesman with the Hurst Fire Department said the car’s brakes failed.

After the explosion, Hurst Police said officers could hear screaming in the house and “breached a back door to rescue the three occupants in the wreckage of the home.”

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