Voting changes with Proposal 3

Vote 1.PNG

The third and final proposal passed by Michigan voters will bring a change to voting and voter registration.

Proposal 3 changes an array of things including: Secret ballots, service member and overseas voting, registering to vote, automatic registration and absentee voting to name a few.

Before the proposal passed voters were required to register to vote 30 days prior to an election. Now, with Proposal 3 people will be able to register up to and on Election Day. In addition, registering will now be available automatically when a new driver's license or state ID card is issued.

For service members and those voting overseas, they were supposed to receive their ballots 45 days in advance, but now it will be ensured that they receive their ballots 45 days before an election. For absentee voters, there used to be a select few reasons to be able to obtain an absentee ballot. Now, any voter will be able to obtain an absentee ballot 40 days before an election without reasoning.

As for the ballot itself, they will now have a straight-party voting option. You will be able to one-check vote to select all candidates from one party. The proposal now provides the right to use a secret ballot as well.

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