The search is on for Michigan's next official Christmas tree

Nov. 16, 2007. Lansing, Mich. The 73-foot tree came from Escanaba Township in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. / AP PHOTO - Al Goldis

LANSING, Mich. (AP) - State officials are asking Michigan residents to help find the next Christmas tree that will stand outside the Capitol building in Lansing.

Department of Technology, Management and Budget Director Dave DeVries says the search started Tuesday.

Michigan's official state Christmas tree standards are high. To be considered, it has to be a spruce or fir and stand at least 55 feet (16.7 meters) tall. The tree's crown has to be a maximum of 24 feet (7.3 meters), while the trunk's diameter can be no larger than 30 inches (76.2 centimeters).

Access to the tree has to be easy and the tree has to be donated at no cost. Aug. 15 is the deadline for nominations.

Last year's tree was harvested in Menominee County's Stephenson in the Upper Peninsula.

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