Class allows participants to dance the night away with their dogs


Valentine's Day is coming. How about dance classes with the one you love?

Got two left feet? So do half of the participants in this particular dance class. In fact, they actually have two left feet; they're dogs.

Ann Schloff started taking her dogs to dance classes back in 1996, after she discovered that dogs like to trip the light fantastic.

"It's a lot of fun, because they're getting to work. Dogs love to work," Schloff said. "And they just like to have fun with their people. It's actually a very bonding sport."

Schloff and her dogs participate in the group, the High Struttin Hounds, which holds class each week at the All Dogs Can Training Center in Lapeer, Michigan.

At the center, pups and their humans, including Robin Greenman and her German shepherd, Minka, dance the night away.

"It gives her something fun to do. It helps her interact with other dogs," Greenman said. "It's just an all round positive."

The dog-human duos shake their groove to carefully selected tunes.

Schloff said costumes are also a big part of this whole thing.

"You're puttin' on a show," Schloff said. "Jack and I usually dance to 'Dancing Fool.' So, obviously, we need to jazz it up a little bit, to look like we're actually dancing to crazy music."

Believe it or not, these dogs won't boogie woogie to just any tune.

"I have to play the song to see if she likes it," Greenman said. "Sometimes she'll totally ignore and other times she likes it."

Sure, it limits the musical selection, but these canines are not exactly doing the cha-cha; but, the trainers said, they're burning up the dance floor with sophisticated exercises.

"We teach our dogs a lot of tricks and obedience, and anything the dog does naturally," Schloff said. "And we incorporate it in a routine, and we as people appear like we're dancing."

A lot of the dogs compete, through the World Canine Freestyle Organization. Yes, competitive dog dancing is a thing. There are a lot of categories, for all different age groups, as well as for humans and dogs with disabilities.

Even if you and your pet are not exactly Fred and Ginger, you can bust a few moves in this class, no matter how many left feet and paws between the two of you.

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