Police say fake cops held teens at gunpoint

Joel Feick NBC25/FOX66

Willie Strong III, 32, is the man police believe headed up a band of vigilantes.

He faces a series of charges including impersonating a police officer.

He was assisted by 23-year-old Auston Rose, who faces similar charges including unlawful imprisonment. He was arrested while working at Cedar Point.

Genesse County Prosecutor David Leyton said, "We cannot have the city policed by vigilantes. We cannot have people impersonating police officer running around. It undermines the work of real police and I'm going to put a stop to it."

In some cases they got to crime scenes before the real police.

Earlier, 27-year-old Emily Burrison and 29-year-old Jeffery Jones also faced charges for pretending to be cops.

A fifth suspect is awaiting formal charges.

Police said they wore fake badges, carried weapons like a 9 mm Smith and Wesson , and even drove vehicles with light bars.

Last September Rose and the fifth suspect handcuffed a woman in front of Mott Community College, after she got in a fight with her boyfriend. She called the real police while in cuffs.

At a news conference, Leyton played a portion of a 911 call, when the woman called the real police.

Another incident happened at the old Flint Central High School. two boys and two girls broke in. When they found them inside, what did the fake cops say?

Leyton "Freeze put your hands in the air".

When Flint police arrived they gave them a verbal trespass warning.

Leyton added, "They're hurting the police, hurting the community, we have to crack down".

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