MSU set to fire former Nassar boss; could see student decline in 2018

MSU set to fire former Nassar boss; could see student decline in 2018. (File -WWMT)

Michigan State University will fire the former Dean of Osteopathic Medicine and has suspended the Radiology Chairman in the wake of former sports doctor Larry Nassar's sentencing.

MSU says it has taken the first step to revoke tenure for Dr. William Strampel and will not cover his legal expenses.

Strampel has been sued by girls and women who were sexually assaulted by Nassar.

Dr. Suresh Mukherji, the Chairman of the Department of Radiology and Chief Medical Officer of the MSU HealthTeam, has been suspended.

Sources say that MSU is complying with federal and state investigations into how the college handled the Nassar allegations.

Some sources are crediting new leadership under Michigan's former Republican Governor John Engler.

The new interim president has been on the job for a week and his spokesperson says things are beginning to change.

John Truscott was the Press Secretary for Engler when he was a third term governor of Michigan.

Truscott said, “He gathers information, asks people for their opinion and he makes decisions. And he moves fast."

He says he is helping Engler get MSU on track.

Truscott said, “These are very tough situations. People did some bad things and hurt people and we are intent making sure that never happens again."

The university is handing thousands of university files to the Attorney General's office on Friday.

The Michigan Attorney General is investigating how the college handled allegation against Nassar.

Truscott said, “More documents will be provided as requested."

Which include requested documents from both the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Department of Education.

U.S. Department of Education Secretary Besty DeVos said, “We are committed to getting to the bottom of what went wrong and what needs to change in order to ensure that this doesn't happen again anywhere else."

The state house and senate are also requesting information from MSU on who knew what and when so lawmakers can determine if there was foul play.

Rep. Klint Kesto, R-Oakland County, said, “Whether it be the title ix coordinator, whether it be the coaches, whoever was notified of these heinous acts by Larry Nassar violating and assaulting young girls. We have to put a stop to this and we will do it."

Truscott said, “They are all asking questions. Which are absolutely appropriate."

As outside investigations play out, Truscott says Engler is doing his own internal review.

Truscott said, “One is trying to find all the information possible of what happened, was there a cover up, did people make wrong decisions, who did, so that whole investigation is going on both internally and from people just asking questions."

As federal and state investigations continue, some are wondering what impact this will have the college.

Rep. Pete Lucido, R-Shelby Township, said that it's possible the college may see a decline in college applications as soon as fall 2018.

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