Michigan girl sings for a snow day and gets a big surprise

Michigan girl sings for a snow day and gets a big surprise. (Courtesy: Daniella Grainger)

A Michigan high school girl won big with her creative attempt to get her superintendent to call a snow day on Thursday.

Chippewa Valley High School Junior Daniella Grainger said it has become a joke in the district to tweet at the superintendent and beg for a snow day.

So Wednesday night she decided to give it her best shot, wrote her request in song form and fired off a tweet.

She sang, "Just give us this one day to stay home and play in the freezing rain we call snow. And I know you like marshmallows. I'll get you some of those ... Just don't make us go!"

Superintendent Ron Roberts obliged, to her surprise tweeting out a picture enjoying marshmallows on Thursday morning.

Grainger said her classmates have been thanking her for writing the song and people across social media are loving it, too. It has been viewed tens of thousands of times.

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