Central Michigan University President, students react to hateful messages

Central Michigan University President, students react to hateful messages

Students at Central Michigan University say they're fed up after three hateful messages were discovered on campus over the last month.

As a Junior CMU NAACP Chapter President Australyah Coleman said college is her home away from home, which is why she’s disappointed to find hate on her campus.

“I'm not surprised ignorance comes at a lot of campuses,” she said.

On November 19, white nationalist posters from an off campus group showed up in buildings.

On November 7, this message targeted three black women.

The latest was a whiteboard note left on the door of a transgender student earlier this week.

“I feel like a lot of people up here aren't educated on cultural competency, a lot of people are from different areas small towns that don't see a lot of ethnicity,” Australyah said.

The NAACP asked the university to require cultural competency courses for incoming freshman, provide staff training, and add additional cameras in residence halls.

President Bob Davies said talks are in the works and so are additional measures.

Davies believes students are reporting problems like this more which he's thankful for.

“They're not afraid to say we need to take a stand against this and I think that's extremely positive,” he said.

He said community is among the most important things at CMU.

“As a community we are here for one another and to continue to reinforce that,” he said.

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