SPECIAL REPORT: Hate speech is infiltrating online gaming


Is your child being recruited by hate groups while using online gaming? One Kalamazoo pastor said it’s possible, and now he's sharing with Newschannel3 I-team the types activities that might raise a red flag for parents.

When the Rev. Nathan Dannison isn’t preaching at Kalamazoo’s First Congregational Church, he might be found at home playing video games. While the outlet can be relaxing and mindless, Dannison said online gaming can be very harmful, in part because white supremacist groups are infiltrating video games to recruit young white men.

"You have to play really close attention to what they're being fed, how they're being nourished, who’s talking to them all day,” Dannison told the I-Team. “You got a young man who’s ostracized at school, maybe doesn't have a whole lot of extracurricular activities. He comes home, shuts himself off in his room and he's talking to strangers."

On Wednesday, the I-team will take a closer look at how hate speech is spreading across the online gaming community, and how parents can keep an eye out for such activities.

Tune in at 11 p.m. Wednesday to see the special report by Newschannel 3's Walter Smith-Randolph, and return to

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