A Kalamazoo no-kill animal shelter raising money for a new roof

A Kalamazoo no-kill animal shelter raising money for a new roof. (WWMT/Matt Loughrin)

A Kalamazoo no-kill shelter is raising money to put a new roof on their facility.

Jack Frost runs the Animal Rescue Project facility at 219 Peekstock Drive in Kalamazoo and said the roof won’t survive the winter because leaks have already caused significant damage.

Frost said, "You have water damage that the holes in the roof have caused."

A tarp is covering part of the roof of the shelter, but even the tarp is not in the greatest of shape. It is all ripped to shreds. One step inside the no-kill shelter and the damage is clear as day.

Parts of the ceiling are sagging after being weakened by rainwater that overpowered the existing roof.

Frost said, "The building is showing its age and things are starting to wear and tear."

The shelter currently houses more than 50 dogs and more than 30 cats.

Below a damaged ceiling portion sat a litter of objectively adorable 12-week-old puppies flanked by a kiddie pool to collect the water spouting from the ceiling.

Frost said, "Very critical. These are homeless dogs and their home is now... has no roof."

The shelter has secured donors who are willing to match funds up to $12,500, which is roughly half what the repairs will cost.

Frost said that they are kicking off their fundraising efforts this week and he's hoping to have than $12,500 within a couple weeks. He said they desperately need to install a new roof before the spouting water turns to snow.

Anyone who would like to donate can head to the Animal Rescue Project website.

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