10-year-old from Gobles collects blankets for West Michigan's homeless

10-year-old from Gobles collects blankets for West Michigan's homeless

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A young boy from Gobles with a heart for the homeless is working to bring them some warmth for the holidays.

It's pretty rare for a 10 year old boy to not only come up with a plan to help the homeless, but to actually execute it.

Samuel Verhage is now going on his second year bringing comfort to those on the street.

"This one is one that Spring Hill gave us," Samuel said.

10-year-old Samuel is tallying up the numbers, working toward a goal of bringing blankets to those in need.

"I saw some homeless people, and I thought maybe they need like blankets for the winter," he said.

He saw a need, and decided to fill it.

Last year, Samuel collected blankets and handed them out to the homeless in MLK Park, in Kalamazoo the day after Thanksgiving.

Pictures show people rushing to the truck, and Samuel handed out every single blanket that day.

"Last year we got 320 blankets, and this year my goal is 400," he said.

He's already got a head start. Samuel started collecting for this year back in June, and has 109 blankets.

"This one right here is like one of the older ones," he told us, holding one up to display.

He's putting fliers up in places like Biggby and Starbucks, and also collects through his church.

Samuel's asking for new or slightly used, making sure the homeless get the best. He doesn't want anyone to sleep in the cold--a mission he's proud to take on.

"Happy that they have some blankets to keep them warm in the winter and on cold nights," he said.

If you want to donate a blanket to Samuel, you can do so by dropping it off at Centerpoint Church, on 10th Street, in Kalamazoo.

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