VIDEO: Behind the scenes of the Space Needle renovation project

Space Needle officials gave our KOMO cameras a behind-the-scenes tour of their $100 million renovation project on Monday, Nov. 6, 2017. (Photo: KOMO News)

SEATTLE (KOMO) - Space Needle officials gave a behind-the-scenes tour of their $100 million renovation project on Monday.

"We're going glass. So floor to ceiling glass, an observation deck, outer glass barriers and glass walls," said Karen Olson, Chief Marketing Officer for the Space Needle. "The restaurant, will be the only rotating glass floor restaurant on the planet."

Right now a giant, 29,000 pound construction platform with saffolding hugs the bottom of the Space Needle. Crews hoisted it into place in September.

On Monday, our KOMO crew was allowed to venture onto the platform to see the transformation taking place underneath the Space Needle.

When the glass floor is complete, visitors will be able to see 500-feet straight down to the base of the needle.

"We think it will be a thrilling experience. There will be non-glass flooring in the upper level," said Olson. "We'll have sections of the restaurant I'm sure we'll cover for patrons. But, for those who want a thrill, it's going to be a thrilling dining experience."

For those of who might be afraid of heights, you can still admire the Space Needle from the ground.

"It's landmarked as a profile, so from far away the Space Needle that you know and love will not change at all," said Olson. "Only the experience once you get inside will dramatically enhance."

Olson said crews are working around the clock six to seven days a week.

The initial phase of construction is expected to be completed by June 2018. Later phases of the project will include completion of the restaurant and lounge, updated and repainting the needle.

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