New Jersey newlyweds track down wedding crashers who were the life of the party

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NEW JERSEY (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - New Jersey newlyweds have tracked down a couple of wedding crashers who were the life of the party at their wedding.

Karen and Michael Tufo say they noticed the strangers at their wedding, but were too distracted during the reception to call them out.

The next morning, the couple found a card from the crashers among their gifts. It had a dollar bill inside, along with an apology.

The newlyweds thought it was hilarious, and started a campaign to find the mystery couple.

Eventually, one of the crashers came forward.

"I messaged her on Facebook apologizing, like I'm so sorry, she was like don't be sorry, best gift ever," said crasher Carly Wolfson.

Wolfson says she and Ritchie Berry were actually on their first date when they decided it might be fun to crash a wedding.

The Tufo's offered to buy the couple a drink, and requested an invitation to their wedding if they ever get engaged.

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