Mountain Wave Search and Rescue's K-9 injured after falling 20-30 feet

Courtesy Mountain Wave Search and Rescue

Mountain Wave Search and Rescue's K-9 Opal is recovering after falling about 20 to 30 feet while hiking.

Opal is a 4-year-old yellow lab who was hiking with her owner, Barb, Wednesday when she fell, suffering multiple fractures in her wrist and lacerations from hitting rocks.

"As a team we’re pretty close. We train together all the time. We go on missions together. So when one of our dogs gets hurt, you really feel it throughout the whole team. So it’s pretty devastating," said Terri Hines of Mountain Wave Search and Rescue.

After her fall on the coast near Lincoln City, Opal had to be stabilized, then rushed to a surgeon in Portland.

Now she's resting but faces a very long road to recovery.

On Thursday, Barb was informed that Opal should one day be able to resume the search career that she started nearly four years ago as a young puppy, but not before a surgery to install a rod and pins in her leg. Then it will be a year of rehab and physical therapy, starting out in a pool.

"I just want her to be able to search again because that’s what she loves, and you see Opal out there and she’s a maniac. She’s going and going, and she does her best to do her job and she does it well. So we just want her to get better," Hines said.

Opal has insurance coverage, but it won't cover the full cost of her surgeries, rehab or prescriptions.

Mountain Wave is hoping to raise $15,000 to help her heal. Click here to donate.

Opal and Barb have been involved with Mountain Wave since 2014.

"She was truly made for this job and it shows in her energy and happiness out in the field. She deserves a chance to heal and make a difference in the lives of others," the GoFundMe reads.

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