Woman shot in Washington theater speaks out


RENTON, Wash. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - We're hearing for the first time from a woman who was shot while watching a movie inside a Washington state theater.

"My ear started ringing," said Michelle Mallari. "I just couldn't believe it happened to me."

Michelle Mallari says she was in disbelief when a bullet ripped through the back of her seat, shattering her collar bone.

Her boyfriend is seen on surveillance camera, rushing Mallari to the lobby.

But she says once they asked for hel, it was clear the theater staff were not trained to react.

The accused shooter told police he dropped his gun, and it went off, but Mallari's attorney questions that story.

"It would be physically impossible for the gun to have shot her from up here, down out through her chest, if it was dropped to the ground, and then discharged upwards," said attorney Karen Koehler.

Mallari's boyfriend says all theater staff did was stuff two movie vouchers into his pocket while he was helping her.

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