Virginia elementary school launches satellite

Virginia elementary school launches satellite.

ARLINGTON, Va. (CBS) - Kids at a Virginia elementary school made history, becoming the first school to put a satellite into space on Monday.

If the tiny satellite works, it will beam back photos of earth to schools around the world.

400 jubilant students at St. Thomas More Cathedral School celebrated on Monday after NASA ( ) released their cube satellite into space.

Annaliese Lundvigson, a third grader at St. Thomas More, said, "It was awesome. And now we're the first school to launch a satellite in space!"

Once the antenna deploys, the satellite is programmed to take a picture of earth and beam it back every 30 seconds.

CBS reporter Mark Albert was shown the control center for the pictures by Kindergarten teacher Emily Stocker, who led the mission at the school.

Stocker said, "I think the big lesson here is perseverance. If you really want it, and you work hard enough, you really can do anything."

Joe Pellegrino is the father of one of the students and came up with the idea for the satellite. He admits, he had ulterior motives, because Pellegrino is also an engineer at NASA.

Pellegrino said, "We need American engineers and scientists. So that really is the mission goal."

The kids at St. Thomas More were thrilled about the launch.

Gabriel Macphail, a sixth grader at St. Thomas More, said, "Wow. We did it!"

Macphail's mother was overcome with joy.

Ann Macphail said, "It's just been incredible.

The satellite's battery should last up to nine months to power exploration and inspiration for schools around the globe.

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