Sandy Hook families can have access to InfoWars' financials

    Alex Jones (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana, File)

    A Connecticut judge has ruled that families of the victims killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting can review the financial documents of the conspiracy theory site Infowars that called the shooting a hoax.

    Six Newtown families filed a lawsuit in April against Infowars publisher and owner Alex Jones, accusing him of subjecting them to harassment and death threats from his followers. A judge on Friday granted the families' discovery requests, allowing them to access the website's internal marketing and financial documents.

    The plaintiffs include the parents of four of the children killed at the Newtown school in 2012. Also suing are relatives of two slain educators.

    The families claim Jones knew they weren't "crisis actors" -- as he called them -- but continued to attack them because it was good for ratings and attracted advertisers.

    “From the beginning, we have alleged that Alex Jones and his financial network trafficked in lies and hate in order to profit from the grief of Sandy Hook families," said attorney Christopher Mattei in a statement Friday. "That is what we intend to prove, and today’s ruling advances our effort. We look forward to gaining access to Infowars’ internal marketing and financial documents to show that Jones has built an empire as nothing more than a conspiracy profiteer, as alleged in our complaint.”

    ABC News reports Jones' lawyer did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Jones has previously sought to dismiss the lawsuit.

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