Ohio teen sentenced to lawn mowing after cutting swear words into high school lawn

    An Ohio teen charged with a crime after mowing a swear word into the grass at a local high school was able to choose his sentence.

    Judge Michael Cicconetti gave him two choices, 10 days in jail – or something else.

    The teen went for something else: an order to

    "I was childish, and now I gotta face the consequences," said Cody Scott, 19, who was sentenced to mowing the lawn correctly.

    “Just a good old-fashioned lawn mowing,” the judge said.

    According to court documents, Scott also is prohibited from being on the school’s property. He also must obtain a GED, maintain employment, and abide by the terms of a community control program.

    In June, Scott and some others cut obscenities into the field with a lawn mower at Fairport Harding High School.

    "The Fairport police were looking for me and my friends so I decided to go up there and tell them that it was me, that I did it,” Scott said.

    He also said he’s grateful to be mowing the lawn.

    Over the years, Judge Cicconetti has become known for his creative sentences.

    “You wanna screw around with crap, I'll let you do it, that's what you're gonna do for three days,” Cicconetti said. "You can go with the horses, goats and sheep at the fair and you can shovel up their crap after the 4H leave in the pens."

    There are some who complain that Scott got off easy.

    "I think he should be doing it in the afternoon when it's a lot hotter, maybe learn a little better than now when it's cool here in the morning,” said Terry Hein.

    But after 2.5 hours of manually mowing this lawn, Scott said he's learned his lesson.

    "I just want to thank him [the judge] for not sending me to jail,” Scott said. “This was a lot better than going to jail -- a lot easier."

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