Group in Los Angeles working to develop new high-tech ballots

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - There will be no more hanging chads or butterfly ballots, as ballot boxes could soon be changing nationwide and going high-tech.

A team of developers has created a new voting machine for Los Angeles County.

It runs on a touchscreen-operated tablet that can be upgraded as technology evolves.

The machines are designed to accommodate every possible voter, including those in wheelchairs, with a visual or hearing impairment, and anyone who speaks another language.

The new technology also allows people to pre-vote at home on a computer or smartphone.

After you put in your selections, you print what is essentially a boarding pass, and then take it to the polls.

"I scan it in, it has the choices I made while I was at home working on this," explained Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder Dean Logan. "I can scroll down, view all those choices to make sure they are as I intended."

L.A. County and the company developing the new ballot boxes are finalizing the design of the new machines, and hope to start using them on a trial basis in 2018.

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