EXCLUSIVE: Inside Roger Stone's home after FBI raid

    Roger Stone (right) shows Sinclair Broadcast Group's Scott Thuman how the FBI raided his home. (SBG)

    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (SBG) -- If you didn’t know his name before this weekend, you likely do now: Roger Stone, a long-time adviser and friend of President Trump, who was arrested by the F.B.I. as part of an early morning raid at his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

    Federal investigators say he lied to congress and tried to tamper with a witness, in order to obstruct the Russia investigation.

    He sat down with our Chief Political Correspondent, Scott Thuman, inside his home to defend himself and discuss who else could be next.

    Thuman and his crew were the first journalists granted access inside Stone’s home where he described the raid that he’s called ‘excessive’ in show of force (that portion of the interview will air Monday).

    Meanwhile, here is a brief portion of their conversation specific to the charges, as Stone insists he broke no laws but admits "I had lapses of memory that are immaterial" which may have lead to the confusion over his testimony but insists he broke no laws.

    Scott Thuman: “Do you regret, your actions at all? Even if they weren’t in your words, ‘criminal’?”

    Roger Stone: “I regret the way they have been depicted, I mean I essentially took a tip, a solid tip, which was entirely legal and then combined it with information that anyone can find online to hype the Wikileaks disclosures to get maximum voter and media attention to them when they came. That's called politics.”

    The F.B.I. claims Stone lied about alleged, coordinated discussions between the Trump campaign, and Wikileaks which released hacked emails damaging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Stone admits he had a lapse in memory when he denied certain interactions during his question and answer session with a congressional committee, but insists he didn’t break the law and describes his arrest, as political, retaliation.

    Scott Thuman: “How high up do you think this is going to go? The biggest name to take a fall, you think?”

    Roger Stone: “Again, I continue to read that Donald Trump Junior is in the cross hairs. Now it’s hard for me to understand because there's nothing illegal about the meeting at Trump tower.”

    Scott Thuman : “Do you think there is evidence that there is a connection out there right now that could lead to the president directly?”

    Roger Stone: “Absolutely not. Certainly nothing that I know of. He and I never discussed this.”

    Scott Thuman: Would it surprise you if somehow evidence does come forward that ties the president?”

    Roger Stone: “Yes, yes it really would.”

    White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders claims Stone’s arrest has nothing to do with the president.

    Stone is set to appear in court in Washington D.C. on Tuesday.

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