A look inside the Pulse Nightclub during rampage

We're getting a terrifying new look into the Pulse Nightclub the night of the rampage.

ORLANDO, Florida (CBS) - We're getting a terrifying new look into the Pulse Nightclub the night of the rampage.

The video is from inside one of the bathrooms where people hid to stay alive.

The grainy cell phone video showed more than a dozen people packed into a bathroom stall as Omar Mateen went on a deadly shooting rampage inside the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

Miguel Leiva was shot multiple times.

"We just tried to keep everybody as calm as possible and keep them quiet so he wouldn't come back in and shot at us," said Miguel Leiva.

Sources tell CBS News Mateen checked social media for trending topics like Pulse Orlando and shooting in the middle of his killing spree.

Investigators say he also exchanged an "I love you" text with his wife, Noor Salman.

She's been cooperating with police but officials suspect she knew about the plot and will likely face some charges.

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden visited a growing memorial in Orlando Thursday. They left 49 white roses to honor the dead.

"We will not be able to stop every tragedy. We can't wipe away hatred and evil from every heart in this world, but we can stop some tragedies. We can save some lives," said President Obama.

Nearly two dozen victims are still hospitalized.

One of them is Angel Colon, who was shot six times and was one of the last people to get out.

Thursday he met his hero, Omar Delgado, the officer who risked his life and pulled him to safety.

"I just saw him. His size, his glasses. I said just help me please when he was dragging me out I just looked up. I was just saying hurry, please hurry, go hurry," said Angel Colon.

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