Sen. Schuitmaker calls out Speaker for not acting on criminal sexual conduct bill

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State Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker is urging the State House to vote on a bill that she says will help prevent sexual assault.

Senate Bill 52 would extend the statute of limitations for a second-degree criminal sexual conduct if the victim was under 16 years of age, according to Schuitmakers office.

"This bill is needed now because as you saw in the MSU case some of the victims aren't able to be recognized under law because the statute of limitations has expired both civilly and criminally," Schuitmaker said.

Democrat State Sen. Steve Bieda is the author of the bill.

“The sexual exploitation of children is one of the most heinous crimes conceivable and must be treated accordingly with appropriate punishment,” Bieda said when his bill passed a Senate Committee. “Michigan law must be able to hold perpetrators accountable, regardless of how long it takes victims to report.”

The bill passed the State Senate in October.

It's now in the House where Schuitmaker says this "no-brainer" bill should've already passed.

"Speaker Leonard called upon the resignation of Lou Anna Simon," Schuitmaker said. "We all have an important part to play and I thought before he called on the resignation of Lou Anna Simon he should have addressed the areas and move this out of committee and onto the floor and put it on the Governor's desk before the Christmas holiday to help victims of CSC."

Leonard says he'll take a look at the legislation.

We sat down with Leonard on why he's calling for MSU's President to resign over her handling of Dr. Larry Nassar's case.

"This monster, this doctor, that's been let loose on this campus for nearly twenty years was granted alumnus of the year," Leonard said. "You look at the fact that the University has not been responsive to these young victims. I think the President of the University just issued an apology a few days ago after knowing this was going on for months and the fact that there was no report in their investigation, that was enough for me. The reputation of the University has been completely tarnished and at this point it is time for the President of Michigan State University to step aside and let someone else lead it."

Schuitmaker says Leonard is saying all of this for political points.

"I believe his calls for resignation is the height of political grandstanding," Schuitmaker said.

A spokesperson for Leonard said, "Speaker Leonard called for Lou Anna Simon to resign two weeks ago, and the situation has only gotten worse and more embarrassing for the university since. He believes she should resign out of respect fore the victims the university has failed."

It's worth mentioning both Schuitmaker and Leonard are running for the Republican nod in the race for Attorney General.

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