Pro-marijuana, anti-fracking groups concerned by new Michigan bill

Michigan lawmakers are trying to curb methamphetamine use by making it harder for certain people to buy its main ingredients.

LANSING, Mich. (NEWS CHANNEL 3) --- A bill Michigan lawmakers are discussing could control what you see on the ballot this November.

If some state lawmakers have their way, you may not be able to vote on legalizing marijuana - or fracking this year.

"They are trying to stop it cold," said Luanne Kuzma. "They are trying to cut us off and force us into court."

Kuzma is leading the group of "Let's Ban Fracking."

She says some state republicans are doing everything they can to squash Michigan's anti-fracking movement.

The group is aiming to collect 300,000 signatures by this June, so voters can decide this November if fracking should not be allowed in the Great Lake State.

Groups attempting to legalize marijuana in Michigan are also collecting signatures to get its initiative on the November ballot.

But a bill making its way through the Michigan legislature may halt the groups' goals.

State Sen. David Robertson's bill would allow the groups to collect signatures in a six month window.

The bill would change the law to state that a signature "shall not be counted" if it was made more than six months before the petition was filed with the state. This would be problematic for petition campaigns like "lets ban fracking" and several groups trying to legalize marijuana in Michigan.

"We will fight this and we will win it," said Kuzma.

Michigan lawmakers are expected to discuss the fate of the bill this week.

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