M-STEP test results show improvements, backslides

M-STEP test results show improvements, backslides

LANSING, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - We now know the final results of how Michigan kids scored on the M-STEP test.

Two years ago, M-STEP replaced MEAP testing to assess how Michigan students are doing in school.

This year, we saw improvements in some subjects, but decreases in others.

These mixed results represent a challenge for Michigan schools, as Governor Rick Snyder tries to make Michigan a top-ten education state within the next decade.

The Haslett Public School District is starting the school year on a good note, says Superintendent Steve Cook.

"We're positive that we are going to help the state in terms of maintaining that goal of being a top 10 in the future," he said.

Haslett's M-STEP scores lead the Lansing area.

Between 70-80% of Haslett students score proficient or higher--which means Haslett is close to meeting the state's 85% proficient goal by 2021.

The Michigan Department of Education says there is still a lot of work to do in other school districts, however.

"Overall we are very pleased with the results," said Michigan Department of Education spokesperson Bill Disessa.

The M-STEP results show some setbacks from 2015.

In the English language portion of the test, 47.3% of students passed, which is a half percent decrease from last year.

And in social studies, a one percent decrease.

Where the state saw gains was in the math and science portion of the test, but the M-STEP showed less than forty percent of Michigan students are proficient in math and science.

When it comes to the new test, however, the MDE says there are benefits.

The M-STEP is computerized, which means teachers, parents, and school districts get to see the data much more quickly.

"We actually got preliminary results out to our stakeholders in 48 hours. Now that's quick," said Disessa.

This is the second year that Michigan has used the M-STEP test, and the state intends to use it again this spring.

Aside from improving student achievment on the test, one of the goals for the MDE is focusing on third-grade literacy, because study after study has shown that kids learn to read by third grade, and they read to learn after third grade.

Results can be found here.

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