Recreational marijuana legal statewide Thursday, what you need to know

    The use of recreational marijuana will be legal statewide this Thursday, December 6. (FILE)

    A big change is about to roll out for Michiganders, involving the consumption of marijuana and marijuana-infused products.

    Recreational marijuana will be legal in Michigan this Thursday, December 6.

    FOX66/ NBC25 News reporter Amanda Chodnicki talked with an attorney about what you need to know before Proposal 1 takes effect.

    "I would advocate responsible and professional adult-use," Bruce Leach, a local cannabis defense attorney, said.

    Not only must one be at least 21 years of age, but there are other guidelines that Leach said must be followed.

    Leach said you CAN do the following under Michigan's Proposal 1:

    • grow your own weed
    • smoke in your own home or private property
    • possess up to 10 ounces

    You can't do the following:

    • smoke under 21
    • smoke in public
    • sell the weed you grow
    • smoke weed if your landlord doesn't allow it
    • go to work or drive high

    "It's never a good idea to smoke in your car or drive under the influence," Leach said. "Those are things that, I believe, the opposition that's still there for adult-use of marijuana is going to go after pretty heavily. I think making sure the roads are safe is an important issue for everyone."

    While you can't sell the weed you grow, according to Proposal 1, you can give away weed for free to someone you know.

    This is as long as the person is of age.

    "This is not a free-for-all Wild West where you can grow and sell as much marijuana as you want," Leach added.

    While Leach said he thinks the number of possession cases will dramatically decrease, he said he believes there will be a surge in cases against individuals driving under the influence of drugs.

    Leach leaves users with the following piece of advice:

    "[I] Want to make sure everybody remembers that it's not a free-for-all and it's adult-use, which means act like an adult," he said.

    While you can grow your own weed, you can't buy it without a medical marijuana card for the time being.

    The state must first write a slew of regulations and issue licenses to dispensaries.

    Leach said that can take about a year.

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