Zachary Patten trial heads to jury deliberation

Zachary Patten trial heads to jury deliberation.

The fate of a Portage man accused of shooting and killing a woman in Kalamazoo last summer is now in the hands of a jury.

The trial for Zachary Patten wrapped up and Newschannel 3's Christine VanTimmeren reported with the latest.

The prosecution called several more witnesses on Thursday, including the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety detective who said Patten admitted to him that he fired his gun, which he intended to hit his then girlfriend's ex-boyfriend Oscar Portillo.

Instead, police allege, that bullet hit and killed Oscar’s sister, Graciella Portillo-Esparza.

Pictures of evidence were shown from the shooting, as well as Patten’s home and the vehicle witnesses say he drove.

Inside the vehicle were dozens of gun cartridges and a gun case.

KDPS Detective Joe Paul said he interviewed Patten in South Bend after deputies in Berrien County say Patten turned himself in.

Paul says Patten told him he punched out the drywall in his home to get a 9mm gun he had hidden then, "drove to find Oscar."

Paul said Patten told him when he fired his gun at the Americana Estates he was aiming for Oscar.

Closing arguments were made and the case was handed to the jury.

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