Family of Ray McCann breaks their silence

CONSTANTINE, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - For years he was suspected in the murder of Jodi Parrack.

And now, since his name has been cleared the family of Ray McCcann is breaking their silence in an exclusive interview with Newschannel 3.

We talked to McCann's mother, sister and daughter about how his time spent in prison impacted their family.

McCann's family members tell us they believe Ray was trying to do the right thing.

They say over the years, the suspicion of his involvement in the Parrack murder case caused him to lose his job, his family support and his trust in the justice system.

Beverly McCann showed us her family photo tonight taken the day her son Ray McCann was let out of prison.

"We were happy and relieved," said Ray McCann's mother Beverly.

He spent nearly two years behind bars after pleading no contest to perjury in the Jodi Parrack murder investigation.

The St. Joseph County Prosecutor says McCann was one of the first people to find Jodi's body and his story of what happened that night kept changing.

"When he seen that little girl dead, he was in shock because it was the first time he ever saw a little child dead," said Beverly McCann.

It was this surveillance video taken of Tumble Dam in Constantine the prosecutor says proved McCann never searched there, even though he said he had.

"So if your son was innocent, then why did he lie under oath?" asked Newschannel 3.

"I don't know what his actual lies were. The cops lied to him as much as he lied to them," said Beverly McCann.

McCann's sister, Ann McCann Nusbaum, told us by phone tonight, lying about where he was the night of Jodi's death wasn't serious enough to amount to prison time.

"He was in there for no good reason at all. They put an innocent man in jail, thinking they were going to find the murderer and he would confess to something he didn't do," said McCann Nusbaum.

And McCann's daughter Ashley, told us on Facebook tonight, the day her father was arrested was the day her second child was born, " I felt very depressed while my father was away. My children are what got me through this tough time."

McCann was released from prison in December.

Beverly says while he was there, it was her faith that got her through.

"That the real killer would be caught, that's what I prayed for every day," said Beverly.

There is now a YouCaring page to help Ray McCann get back on his feet.

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