Finance fair aims to help community with budgeting

Saturday, a Kalamazoo organization is expected to host its annual finance fair to help people keep a balanced budget. (WWMT)

Anyone could learn a thing or two to become more financially stable.

A Kalamazoo organization scheduled its annual finance fair on Saturday to help people keep a balanced budget.

The Northside Association of Community Development is hosting its “Show Me The Money” financial fair. The fair was expected from 11-3 p.m. at the association’s headquarters, located at 612 N. Park Street in Kalamazoo.

“If we’re going to ensure that everyone benefits, then we have to start removing barriers. The best way to remove barriers is through resources and education,” said Mattie Jordan-Woods, executive director of the Northside Association of Community Development

The finance fair has three main focuses; buying or rehabbing homes, entrepreneurship and credit repair.

“This workshop helps put you in place, especially if you’re trying to find a home. There’s realtors here to say, ‘hey, here’s some pitfalls. These are some of the things we do.’ And then you’ve got the credit unions and the banks. So, for the who don’t have an account, both of them are here,” said Jordan-Woods.

Everyone is welcome to join the event. The executive director said she’s encouraging parents to bring their teens to learn about credit and credit cards.

“When you’re a freshman in college, everybody is sending you these charge cards and before you know it, your credit is jacked. So maybe if you start in 11th grade and say, hey, credit is important. It’s going to follow you for the rest of your life,” said Jordan-Woods.

Almost 200 people participated in last year’s event. This year there will be food, music, prizes and gift cards, along with about 10 companies here to help people start their financial goals.

“We need to be able to get the help with the people who need the help,” said Jordan-Woods.

The finance fair is free to the public.


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