Woman stabbed during purse snatching in mall parking lot

Woman stabbed during purse snatching in mall parking lot. (Jared Penland WWMT)

Battle Creek police are searching for the suspect who stabbed a woman in her late 60's outside of Lakeview Square Mall on Friday morning.

The parking lot in front of the Barnes and Noble bookstore on Friday morning was wide open and people were coming and going when the suspect grabbed the woman's purse.

Battle Creek police believe the suspect parked outside the bookstore, watched and waited for an easy target to arrive. The 67-year-old victim pulled in around 10 a.m.

Battle Creek Police Sgt. Chris Rabbit said, “He swiped at her with the knife.”

The woman was not alone, she and a friend started the short walk from the car to the store when the six foot two tall suspect charged at her with a knife.

Rabbit said, “He didn't say anything to her just grabbed onto her purse and tried to rip it from her arms.”

She held on and struggled with the purse snatcher until he started slashing the knife.

After she was stabbed in the side of her stomach, the woman let go and the suspect took off in a dark green Toyota Camry.

Rabbit said, “Best thing you can do, it's just property, give it up and just be the best witness you can be, get a good description of what the person looks like.”

Police say the suspect, a white man, who looked to be in his late 20s was wearing a black hoodie and hat and green jacket.

Rabbid said, “If somebody approaches you and tried to take your purse, give it to them.”

The woman was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive the stabbing, but is also being treat for injuries sustained when she fell to the pavement.

Battle Creek police say they haven't seen any similar crimes recently, so they are checking with other police agencies in the area because the crime was so brazen that investigators believe the suspect has done it before.

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