Woman found dead in Battle Creek area days after having an abortion

Woman found dead in Battle Creek area days after having an abortion

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A young woman was found dead days after she had an abortion.

Now, Battle Creek Police are trying to piece together exactly what caused her death.

Newschannel 3 sat down with detectives, who say they still have a lot of questions.

Police are just in the beginning stages of this investigation.

And at this point, they're working to fill in the gaps--that includes finding out exactly where she had the abortion.

It could be weeks before we know what caused a 24-year-old woman's death.

Battle Creek police say last Tuesday, a woman went to a clinic for an abortion procedure.

Four days later, she showed up at Bronson Battle Creek.

"On the second, it looks like she went to the hospital complaining of some pains and some issues," said Detective Sergeant Troy Gilleylen, with Battle Creek Police.

Police say the woman's family told officers she was suffering severe stomach pains. She didn't have the procedure done at the hospital but went to get checked out.

Gilleylen says the department has not spoken with the hospital, but they believe the woman disclosed the recent abortion to staff members.

According to her release paperwork, she was treated, given pain medication and told to follow up with her primary care physician.

"After leaving the hospital she just thought it was best that she just stay at her mother's house, it was only a block away from the hospital just so they could help take care of her," Gilleylen said.

Two days later, she was found dead.

"She was laying on her mother's bed in the basement. There was no signs of any foul play or any external injury or anything that appeared to be out of the ordinary for us," Gilleylen said.

Gilleylen says detectives are looking into whether this was a natural or medical-related death. And also if there is a criminal element.

But he says that will take time, because the full autopsy report is not expected to be complete for another three to four weeks.

We spoke briefly with the woman's grandmother today.

She did not have much to say, but tells us her granddaughter leaves behind a one-year-old son.

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