WMU, Thomas M. Cooley Law School Presidents sign agreements


KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - On Tuesday, the Presidents of Western Michigan University and WMU Thomas M. Cooley Law School signed a series of new agreements making law classes in Kalamazoo a reality.

Months of negotiations made it possible for WMU Cooley to begin offering classes on WMU's campus, beginning this month.

Two upper-level courses include environmental law and employment law.

Western Michigan University President Dr. John Dunn hopes the new agreement will lay the foundation for other changes at schools across the country.

"We're breaking new ground; I think we're helping many people and other universities understand there's got to be different ways to do things," Dr. Dunn said. "We're in a situation where state resources are limited. How can we work through and make things happen for the benefit of our students?"

The two schools hope to offer more law classes in future semesters.

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