Tim Terrentine resigns from WMU amid sexual harassment allegations

WMU's Vice President of Development  Alumni Relations, Tim Terrentine, resigns amid sexual harassment allegations

A high-ranking official at Western Michigan University resigned after the school found evidence of sexual harassment.

WMU began investigating Timothy Terrentine, the former vice president of development and alumni relations, for sexual harassment in May. The school sent him a letter saying it found evidence of the claims against him were likely true and in violation of Western's sexual misconduct policy.

Terrentine, WMU's former vice president of development and alumni relations, stepped down on July 9. According to employment records obtained through a FOIA request, Terrentine had served in that position since August 2016.

The FOIA documents obtained do not detail what that evidence is or the complaint made against Terrentine.

WMU said the harassment, “did not involve any students or minors.”

Paula Davis, WMU's interim director of university relations Paula Davis said in an email to Newschannel 3:

A safe and supportive culture is of paramount importance at WMU. Sexual harassment is not tolerated here. Protecting the privacy of those who come forward is crucial to ensuring that people continue to feel safe coming forward and that those who do avoid any negative repercussions.
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