With customer shoes still inside, King's Shoe Repair suddenly closes

Tracy King, the former owner of King’s Shoe Repair in Kalamazoo, said customers just need to contact him if they want their items returned. King who operated from a shop on Gull Road was recently evicted from the space. (WWMT)

Customers of King’s Shoe Repair in Kalamazoo are demanding answers: Where are their shoes, luggage, and other in-need-of-repair items after the Gull Road store closed without notice.

The Newschannel 3 I-Team obtained court filings showing that the repair store’s owner, Terry King, was evicted from the building recently for failing to pay rent.

Customer Tim Kortz said it was almost two months ago that he dropped off his $200 work boots to be repaired. Now, he has no idea what happened to his boots.

“There’s been no response,” Kortz said, referring to his attempts to contact King, the store owner. “They’ve totally vanished.”

Kortz is one of several customers who expressed frustration to Newschannel 3 about the shuttered shoe repair shop. Many were surprised to drive to the store recently, only to learn that the location is now a tattoo shop.

The I-Team tracked down King, who seemed to insist that he still had the shoes and other property belonging to customers.

“Well some of the stuff we still have, if they give us a call or whatever,” King said outside his home.

However, King then said his land line was disconnected.

He said any customers with unresolved issues should arrange a meeting with him, although he never indicated how to go about doing that.

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