What a government shutdown would mean for you


(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - The federal government has until Friday night to avoid a government shutdown.

House votes to avert federal shutdown, Senate chances dim

If they do not pass a funding bill, some services will stop immediately.

Essential services will keep running, but hundreds of thousands of federal workers could be furloughed.

You probably remember the last shutdown in October of 2013. For more than two weeks the federal government was at a standstill.

Here's what is expected to happen in the event of another shutdown:

  • Essential services like social security checks, airport security, air traffic controllers, and the postal service will still go on
  • National parks and museums would close
  • You won't be able to get a passport
  • Veteran’s hospitals will still be open, but any employee deemed 'non-essential' would be told to stay home
  • Those applying for new social security, Medicare and Medicaid would not be processed until the shutdown ends
  • Payment of student loans and grants would likely be delayed
  • If you wanted a gun permit, you'll have to wait until the shutdown is over

Members of Congress will still continue to receive paychecks because it is written into law.

Lawmakers have a deadline of midnight Friday to pass a short-term fix to keep the government running.

It’s all coming down to a vote in the Senate, where the bill will face a tough fight.

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