West Michigan racer attributes winning streak to fallen loved ones

West Michigan racer attributes winning streak to fallen loved ones. (WWMT/Zack Lawler)

A West Michigan man who has been racing for more than 30 years has been winning and attributes his surprising hot streak to being pushed by his fallen loved ones.

Kenny Head his done this a lot, He’s won, he’s lost, but there is something brand new inside of him that’s taking him above and beyond what he’s ever been able to do been at the wheel.

Head said, “There’s no drug, there’s no alcohol, there’s nothing that can describe the feeling of getting in the car going 100 miles an hour in a bowl ring.”

Racing is in Head’s blood.

He said, “It’s really kind of nice coming to the race track and there’s a chance we can win on any given night.”

Four generations competing full throttle.

He said, “My wife would say this is our happy place this is where we go to get away from it, this is what we do to make everything kind of right.”

In 35 years, Kenny has been around the block enough to know these corners like the back of his hand, but still things feel different.

“This is more fun than it’s been in a long time for me.” Head said, “Adrenaline starting to pump already.”

Head has been on a tear, winning big for weeks and while he’d like to say he’s just that good, Head believes his success is part of something much bigger.

He said, “Quite honestly, I got two people behind me. My dad, my stepson. They’re pushing me.”

Kenny lost his father four months ago to cancer.

Three weeks ago, his stepson Ben was killed in a car crash.

He can’t stop thinking of them no matter how intense the race. It’s been hard, emotional.

After all these years, the wins, the losses, Head no longer drives for himself.

He said, “Just look up and you know they’re the ones that are doing this for us.”

And they must be good. Starting near the back of the pack, Head made his way up front, his dad and stepson with him, watching over, giving him the will and skill to take the flag.

Everybody at the Kalamazoo Speedway has been congratulating Head because they know what it means to him.

He said he’ll keep driving for his dad and stepson, and expects to stay hot all year.

Head said, “It’s been a couple years since I’ve worn here. It’s right there, man on. My dad, my stepson, this car, Mike Ruth, my wife, everyone that supports me, it’s for everybody.”

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