West Michigan enjoys a winter wonderland of fun

Sledding in Kalamazoo

The snow that blanketed West Michigan on Friday made for beautiful wintry scenes and marked a fantastic opportunity for winter weather enthusiasts to enjoy it.

From the snow-covered hills, trails, and wide open spaces, winter showed its true beauty, and gave West Michigan endless hours of fun.

“You have to do something in the winter,” Katie Dvorak, a cross country skier, said. “You can’t let yourself do nothing.”

Dvorak took advantage of the untouched powder at Milham Park Golf Club.

The Snider family was sledding at the golf course.

“I get to throw snowballs and I get to go sledding and I get to do a lot of fun stuff,” Isaiah Snider, who had a snow day from school, said.

“The kids have fun. They enjoy it,” Ivonne Snider, Isaiah's mom, said. “It’s good exercise for them too. We just have good family time.”

The same wintry mix that made Friday commuters cringe, also brings joy, rosy cheeks, and laughter to countless others.

“Snow is great and you’ve got to make the best of it,” Ivonne said.

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