West Michigan auto show focuses on the future and takes you back in time

    Hal Ostrow and his sons Ari (left) and Sam (right) check out the Delorean on display with the "Back to the Future" exhibit. The Delorean was part of the Gilmore Car Museum's gallery. (Patrick Hagan/WWMT)

    The Michigan International Auto Show brought some of the newest automobiles, along with some memorable blasts from the past, to the DeVos Place over the weekend of Feb. 1. Although some people may have attended the event in search of a new car, others came to take in the sights with family.

    Hal Ostrow and his two sons, Sam and Ari, were enamored with one of the featured cars at the event, a DMC DeLorean made famous by the Back to the Future films.

    Ostrom said he saw the movie when he was around the age of his son, Sam. On Friday, the father and two sons enjoyed the nostalgia together.

    “I really like the movie,” Ari said. “It’s fun. This is the first car we’ve seen so far, but I’m excited.”

    “It’s really fun because I love cars and they’re fun to look at and learn about,” Sam said.

    In accordance with one of the most iconic sci-fi films in history, Sam was asked if would even travel back in time like the famed DeLorean.

    “Yeah, maybe to fix a few test scores,” Sam said.

    The auto show will run until 5 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 3. Tickets are $12 for adults and $5 for children between ages 6 and 14. Children 5 and under get in free.

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