W. Mich. school district paving the way in school security

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A West Michigan school district is paving the way in school security in case of an active shooter.

Newschannel 3 found out how a simple device called "The Boot," is keeping students safe at Lakeview Schools in Battle Creek.

This five pound piece of steel could easily save hundreds of students' lives, with just a simple drop it will keep an intruder from coming into a classroom.

It's called the boot and its designed to keep bad guys out and students locked in.

"It could mean life or death, and our goal is that we want those doors impenetrable right away, so that kids can be out of view, so that the bad guy walks by and looks in the window and doesn't see anybody, so they move on," said Marty Pessetti the Assistant Principal of Lakeview High School.

Lakeview School District officials discovered the boot at a Homeland Security conference.

"The top SWAT team took 10 minutes to get through the door," said Pessetti.

That's why the boot is being installed on every door of every classroom.

"There's no electronics to break down. We saw it as a product very sustainable for years to come," said Pessetti.

The boot was created for the perfect weight in mind, it's only five pounds, and in a crisis situation it makes it easy for someone to drop it in.

"Even a kindergartner could put the device in place," said Pessetti.

Installing the boot cost the school district about $100,000, but they're working on a grant to get that money back.

The assistant principal tells us, you can't put a price on student safety.

Today we asked Lakeview Junior Brady Broderick what he thinks about it.

"It makes you think about what could happen, but it makes you feel better about knowing that if something where to happen, you would be a whole lot safer," said Broderick.

In the coming weeks, students and staff will be trained to use the boot.

We're told the process will be simple and quick.

Other school districts in the Battle Creek area are also interested in installing The Boot as well.

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