W-2 scam hits West Michigan

WEST MICHIGAN (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A new W-2 scheme is hitting West Michigan hard. The scam comes in the form of an e-mail that looks like it’s coming from your boss.

So far, employees of the Better Business Bureau of West Michigan and the West Michigan Whitecaps have been targeted. In Mount Pleasant, Central Michigan University officials say they have also been targeted.

While the e-mail looks like it’s from your manager, it’s actually from a hacker who is phishing for your personal information. The e-mail may ask you to confirm information like your Social Security number, name and address but that’s all that is needed to file a false tax return.

When you actually reply to the e-mail, it’s redirected to a hacker. This scam is on the rise now that people are getting ready to file their taxes.

Phil Catlett, president of the Better Business Bureau of West Michigan says his office was targeted.

“Our business manager got an e-mail from me with my picture, it looked like it was from my email address that I need to wire you money and email me back for details and when she pressed reply, it didn't go to me, it went to a different address altogether but if she hadn't been looking at, she could've responded to it,” says Catlett.

IRS officials say hackers will then use that information to file a fake tax return.

Experts are urging you to stay vigilant when compiling your tax information. They also say it's best to file your taxes early, that way hackers can't get their hands on your refund.

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