Victims talk about guilty plea of Larry Nassar

Victims talk about guilty plea of Larry Nassar.

Larry Nassar admitted in court Wednesday to molesting girls under the guise of medical procedures between 1998 and 2015.

Newschannel 3’s Nicky Zizaza spoke to one of his former patients who said, while progress was made on Wednesday, more needs to be done.

Sterling Riethman, 24, was in court Wednesday morning as Nassar, a once respected doctor in the gymnastics world, stood before a judge accused of sex crimes.

Sterling Riethman said, “How do you let that go? And how do you see someone that you trusted so much in this current state when the last time you saw them they were an Olympic gymnastics team doctor and they were your idol."

Wearing a bright orange jumpsuit Nassar plead guilty to sexually abusing seven girls while he served as a doctor for the United States Gymnastics team and Michigan State University. A deal that will put him behind bars for at least 25 years.

Judge said, "You used that position of trust you had in the most vile way to abuse children."

Riethman said, "There are a lot of answers still needed in terms of how did this happen, how did MSU let this happen, how did so many officials in USAG and the U.S. Olympic Committee let this go under the radar for so many years."

Riethman would know, she said over the course of seven visits in 2013, Nassar touched her inappropriately for what he claimed were treatments.

Riethman said, "I didn't know; I didn't know that this was not medical treatment. I didn't know that what he was doing to me and apparently hundreds of girls was for his own doing and not for medical treatment."

And in a surprise apology in an Ingham county courtroom the former doctor admitted his conduct had no medical purpose. An apology Riethman is not buying.

Nassar: "I pray the rosary every day for forgiveness, I want them to heal, I want this community to heal."

Riethman said, "He has been caught, and I think any remorse that he felt was simply remorse that he got caught and not that what he did was wrong."

Sentencing is set for January 12, he still awaiting sentencing on federal child pornography charges.

Nassar lost his license to practice medicine in April.

Watch the interview with Sterling Riethman.

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