Van Buren County Sheriff: More arrests likely in Decatur arson-homicide case

Van Buren County Sheriff says Decatur arson killing case involved multiple agencies. (File - WWMT)

A police investigation led to the arrest of an Indiana man in connection to the Nov. 30 murder of a Decatur woman.

Glenn Tett, 32, has been charged with open murder and second-degree arson in the death of 31-year-old Jessica True, 31, after her body was found in her living room after a fire.

Newschannel 3's Mike Krafcik reported from Van Buren County after he spoke to Van Buren County Sheriff Dan Abbott about the case.

Abbott said the case involves one of the most extensive investigations he's seen in his law enforcement career, and a random tip lead to the arrest.

Investigators said others could be implicated in the killing of True.

It was an event that shook the small community of Decatur and more than two months later the news of an arrest has created a sense of closure.

Charles Goodrich said, “I’m glad they got him.”

Penny Cronk said, “I was elated. It's been really uncomfortable around here.”

Abbott said a task force involving multiple agencies, including the FBI, spent thousands of man hours on the case.

“Ever since it happened in November, the task force received hundreds of tips," Abbott said. "They ran on these tips.”

Abbott said one of those tips, weeks after the homicide, led investigators to Tett, who lives in South Bend, Indiana.

“He was actually kind off the radar when that name came up it was one of those who-knows kind of things,” Abbott said.

The sheriff said Tett and True were acquaintances.

Pat Tortorelli, manager of Decatur One Stop, a local convenience store, said she saw the suspect and victim on separate occasions.

“He was in the store, bought cigarettes," Tortorelli said. "She came in the store with her daughter, so I recognized all of them.”

Investigators said they have information that other people were involved in the killing and additional arrests could follow in a matter of weeks.

Decatur Police Chief Tom Vanderwoude said, “We're all deeply involved in this still and we will be until we feel we've crossed every T and dotted every I.”

Investigators wouldn't comment on a possible motive for the killing, but revealed to Newschannel 3 that Jessica True had been on their radar for criminal activity months before the murder.

"Decatur village was watching and monitoring stuff going on at that residence as well as other agencies," Abbott said.

The sheriff said surveillance happened after many in the community had complained about suspicious activity at the home.

"I figured it was drug activity," said Penny Cronk of Decatur. "There was just way too much activity, there was too much going on there. for a little house in a little town."

While investigators have more work ahead of them, many in the small community are relieved that at least one person has been arrested.

"I was glad they got him. I was praying they'd get all along," Tortoerlli said.

Tett is being held on a $5 million bond and is due back in court Feb. 14.

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