Van Buren County Road Commission doubles efforts to keep drivers from crossing barricades

Van Buren County Road Commission doubles efforts to keep drivers from crossing barricades.

The Van Buren County Road Commission cracks down after people willingly drive through a road block near Bangor.

The road commission posted a photo on social media that shows four rows of road blocks on 62nd Street and Newschannel 3's Anna Giles reported on what has road crews concerned.

Van Buren County Road Commissioners remind people that when they set up a road block that there is a very good reason.

From an angle 62nd Street looks passable, but most drivers can't see the washed out culvert, which created a gaping hole under the road. It is just one of more than 20 washed out culverts throughout the county.

The road commission says record flooding West Michigan experienced a few weeks ago is the reason why the county is having so many of these issues.

Greg Brucks, the Van Buren County Road Commission Director of Operations, calls the number of road closures unprecedented.

He urges people to turn around when they see a road block, especially on 62nd Street.

Brucks said, "It's just for people’s safety. We had tons of problems with people driving around that one in particular. It doesn't look like there's anything wrong to the naked eye but there's nothing underneath it."

People have been blatantly ignoring the road block and car parts are scattered near the shoulder.

The road commission says it is only a matter of time before the road caves.

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