U.S. Postal Service suspends mail for third day

Snowy Mailbox.PNG

Residents will have to wait another day to receive any mail from the post office, because Thursday marked the third day the U.S. Postal Service suspended deliveries because of the deep freeze.

A spokesperson for the USPS said all mail delivery, collections and pickups were suspended. Some of the areas affected include neighborhoods in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek and Grand Rapids. Many of the post office retail stores were open Thursday with reduced business hours. The spokesperson said the crews at the offices are extremely busy sorting mail, since it’s been piling up for the last few days this week.

“Honestly it’s not a big deal to me. I’d rather see the postal service and people be safe,” said Larry Taylor, who’s waiting on some time sensitive items to be delivered. “I mean, yeah I am expecting some things. But on the other hand, what am I going to do if I don’t get them for an extra day or two? Not a big deal.”

Some neighbors said they’re glad USPS is stepping up to protect its workers from the deep freeze.

Taylor and some of his neighbors said the weather and heavy traffic would have put their mail carriers at high risk. He said he was involved in an accident in front of his house in the fall.

“Back in November, backing a trailer into my driveway and was hit broadside and I was actually off the shoulder of the road. No traffic. And it’s like, this is crazy. So, that kind of put things into real perspective for me,” said Taylor.

Some mailboxes have been bent by plow trucks pushing the tall piles of heavy snow.

“Protecting mailboxes and things, yeah, that does happen unfortunately. I try to build a pretty sturdy mailbox and post,” said Taylor.

Taylor said he can afford to wait for his mail a little longer if that means carriers are going to be warm and safe.

“Public servants need to have the opportunity to do their jobs and do their jobs safely,” said Taylor.

A spokesperson for UPS and FedEx said their package carriers are still running routes. They both said customers should anticipate a slight delay in deliveries since the conditions on the roads are so slick.

The Detroit postal district resumed mail service on Friday, Feb. 1, 2019, which included the zip codes of 480-485 and 492.

“As we resume delivery, we ask our customers to continue clearing sidewalks, paths and approaches to the mailboxes for the continued safety of our letter carriers,” said Detroit District Manager Karlett Gilbert.

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